President's Message

Where Incredible Happens

As the leading rehabilitation innovator in Canada, Toronto Rehab strives to deliver incredible outcomes every day. We have remarkable stories to tell of patients conquering the insurmountable, scientists inventing the unimaginable and doctors, nurses and clinicians delivering extraordinary care.

Our donors help fuel these stories by helping to ensure that our patients, staff and researchers have what they need for their journeys of discovery and to make their lives – and the lives of those around them– healthier, safer and more independent.

Toronto Rehab shares with its donors and volunteers a proud history of trailblazing that has helped us become the number one rehabilitation research centre in the world, making an incredible difference in countless lives. We pioneered care for those living with chronic and complex issues. We built North America’s first free-standing rehab facility and largest cardiac rehab program. We found ways for our war veterans and others with paralysis to live longer, more productive lives.

In recent years, Toronto Rehab has responded to unprecedented global challenges, including our burgeoning aging population and the growing burden of chronic disease, with innovations in preventative medicine, dementia, pain management, cancer rehabilitation, concussion, falls prevention, sleep apnea, restorative technology, and more.

As we embrace our potential to intervene in some of the world’s leading health challenges, your support will help Toronto Rehab stand at the forefront of medical advancement and truly transform lives.

Together, let’s continue to help make incredible happen!

Sincerely yours,

Cindy Yelle
President & CEO
Toronto Rehab Foundation

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