Health Innovation Series

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Toronto Rehab’s Health Innovation Series provides events that feature topical lectures by leading Toronto Rehab experts. Guests gain access to timely information on the latest advancements in rehabilitation and research. Talks are open to members of the public. 

Why Sleep Matters

On June 13, 2017 join us to learn about innovations in sleep medicine and the steps you can take to improve your sleep and take charge of your life. As the world’s #1 rehabilitation research centre, Toronto Rehab is an international leader in sleep medicine including sleep apnea, which affects nearly 2 million Canadians. Learn why sleep matters from our renowned experts:

  • Dr. Douglas Bradley, 2015 UHN Inventor of the Year, and his team have created BresoDx®, a game-changing device for the diagnosis of sleep apnea at home.
  • Dr. Jaan Reitav, a sleep medicine specialist, has developed NeuroRelaxation, an innovative treatment to help patients with chronic sleep and health problems reduce stress and improve sleep-wake rhythms.
  • Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi, a research scientist, is exploring new links between sleep apnea and conditions such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

RSVP by Friday, June 9, 2017 to Henry Zajac at 416.597.3422 x3967 or visit the event website:

A light breakfast will be served. Presented by Likrilyn Capital Corporation.

Past Health Innovation Series topics include:

  • Mental Health and Disability: Brain Health = Mental Health - View Presentations
  • Dementia: Stemming the Tide - View Presentations
  • Concussion Across the Spectrum of Injury: The Latest Diagnosis & Management
  • The Future of the Home: Learn more
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES): Pioneering Developments for Paralysis
  • Brain Injury: Research and Therapies to Transform Outcomes
  • Conquering Your Pain: The Latest Approaches to Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Transforming Stroke Outcomes
  • The Impact of Exercise On Diabetes Management
  • Leading the Way to a Healthier Heart
  • Dementia “The Aging Tsunami”

Mental Health and Disability: Brain Health = Mental Health

Mental health and physical health are fundamentally linked. Global estimates indicate that 15% of people live with disability (World Health Organization 2014) and that those living with chronic health conditions such as brain injury and dementia experience depression and anxiety at twice the rate of the general population. As Canada’s leading adult rehabilitation hospital, Toronto Rehab has unique expertise in developing innovative solutions to enhance brain and mental health for people living with disabilities. On April 11, 2017 our experts led an important discussion about Toronto Rehab’s mental health strategy.
Learn more about our vision for a mental health strategy  

View presentations by:

Dementia: Stemming the Tide

With approximately one new case diagnosed every five minutes in Canada, now is the time for accelerating progress and increasing hope in the battle against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. On November 23, 2016 guests learned about how Toronto Rehab is pioneering new paradigms of care plus new technology and research that are allowing earlier diagnosis. View the presentations by some of our experts: