Dr. Robin Green

A neuropsychologist and research scientist at Toronto Rehab and University of Toronto, Dr. Robin Green is Head of Toronto Rehab’s Cognitive Neurorehabiliation Sciences Lab and she holds a Canada Research Chair (II) in Traumatic Brain Injury.

Dr. Green is studying the more enduring consequences of TBI using advanced neuroimaging techniques and neuropsychological approaches. She investigates the long-term impact of multiple concussions, and recovery and treatment for a single more serious traumatic brain injury.

As a researcher with the Canadian Sport Concussion Project, a study involving retired professional athletes, Dr. Green is helping to understand who is at risk of developing dementia after multiple concussions and sub-concussions (a brain injury that isn’t noticeable, but for which there are concerns regarding serious cumulative effects). She is also investigating treatments to minimize the long-term effect of multiple concussions.

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In the case of a single moderate or severe TBI that results in life-long change to the brain, behavior and functioning, Dr. Green has been investigating impediments to recovery. In particular, whether there is competition between recovering cognitive and motor functions.

She is also shedding light on the progressive nature of TBI, having found evidence of ongoing deterioration in brain health and cognition over the long term in many patients. She is currently working on a “Combination Therapy,” with three different Techniques for improving recovery of the brain, cognition and emotional functioning within the same intervention program.

Featured on Global News Calgary on November 6, 2014: Calgary legend John Forzani’s brain donated for research. Researchers with the Canadian Sport Concussion Project say the donation of Forzani’s brain is extremely important because he was so healthy from a cognitive point of view, prior to his death.

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